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Michael James Walton

Christian, Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Fixer then a Maker.

A person can derive their identity from their priorities.  Understanding one’s priority can lead to a passion.   The passion can develop into understanding one’s purpose.

Michael James Walton was born in Key West Florida. He grew up living in San Diego, Midway Island and Chesapeake, VA.  He received his Eagle Scout Rank at age 16. Michael attended Old Dominion University (ODU) where he studied Computer Science and received his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science.  While at ODU he took fundamental courses in art history and studio art.  After graduation he worked for Mobil Oil in New York City where he continued his art education at private studios.  Michael then relocated to Northern Virginia where he joined a coop-gallery called Gallery West in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.  He was a member of Gallery West for several years.  In the spring of 2017 he received a Bachelors of Fine Art with a concentration in Sculpture from George Mason University.  He is now a Masters candidate in George Mason University’s graduate program.

            Michael’s primary area of concentration is Printmaking and Sculpture.  He is experimenting with the collision of sculpture and printmaking / papermaking.   He is still developing the focus of his practice, but his topics range from the aesthetic of organic shapes and volumes, to issues of the human experience that are generated from his personal belief in what Jesus Christ did for all of mankind and to the atrocities that man act out against man.   

His recent research has been in the areas of Child Exploitation primarily with the Child Soldier, the management of what God has provided to man through the natural resources and how man manages or mismanages these resources and cognitive issues generated from mental illness through depression and anxiety and how we live as the sufferer or the supporter.

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